Email Login corporation was better known as AT&T inc. is an American telecommunication company. SBC Communications compiled it in 1999, which later in 2006 acquired AT&T Corporation, becoming the current day AT&T Inc. Email Login is a subsidiary type company in Illinois, Chicago, United States providing services and legacy services by many AT&T subsidiaries like Indiana bell, Illinois bell, Michigan bell, Ohio bell, Wisconsin bell, Pacific bell.

The domains including email login,,,,,,,,,,, and are associated with AT&T Mail. All of the email address which ends with any of these suffixes are part of Currently Yahoo AT&T Mail service. AT&T Mail used to be powered by Yahoo Mail, which is now acquired by Verizon Inc.

How do I login to my Email?

  1. To log in to your Ameritech.Net Mail account. 
  2. First, go to the main Login page 
  3. Then enter your email address ( as well as your password. 
  4. You can also choose the option (keep me log in) for easy logging in for the next two weeks.
  5. Click on login\sign in.

You can also use the link. There click on the top right option & Sign in.

If you are still having difficulty in Login Ameritech Email, then follow the following steps:

1. Go to; this url will redirects to

2. Click on “sign-in.”

3. Click on the “forgot password” link

4. Create a new password (it can even be your same old password that you are used to) 

5. Go back to

6. Click on “sign-in” again in the top right

7. Input your email address in the “ID/Email” field

8. Input the new password that you got when you reset your password

9. Enjoy your inbox again

How to Access the Email Login Page URL?

AT&T and its subsidiaries were managed by yahoo and its servers before 2017. When Verizon inc. Acquired yahoo in 2k17, this alliance came to expire. As a consequence, AT&T declared openly that the yahoo and AT&T mail login procedure would be separated. Now the standard users of these accounts have to keep two different email account; one with an email of AT&T email address to log in to or and a yahoo mail address for a yahoo account.

Now AT&T has delivered the business of web portal, stock prices, email login, and internet searches to Verizon.

AT& T Mail Login – Use sign-in url, users must have an email address that may end with:

All the above email domains login through att sign in url, Users with all of the above email addresses can access the login page by using Then enter your email address and password, then sign in. 

You can not use these accounts to sign in to mail because that is powered by Yahoo yet.

Why does yahoo email login switch to AT&T when I try to log in to my account?

As AT&T and yahoo are no longer partners (or trying to decouple) since Verizon inc. Has purchased the Yahoo, and AT&T has announced to separate the login process of att yahoo mail. This decoupling of Yahoo mail and AT&T mail resulted in the separation of domains and legacy accounts of AT&T and yahoo. Now to login in AT&T account, the email address of AT&T is required; similarly, the email address of the yahoo domain is required to login into the yahoo account.

For example, is an AT&T (legacy) account, so users are supposed to use the AT&T website for email login.

So that when we try to log in to account on the yahoo website, that leads to switching Yahoo mail to the AT&T page.

To login, it is recommended to try changing your login id and password through AT&T home page\portal page such as, not Yahoo’s.

What is the most manageable URL to use to login to my email webpage?

  • URL for ATT account login

You can use all the above legacy domains to login to AT&T account quickly by using the following URL links

There, please fill in your email address (using its domains) and password, then click to sign in

But you can no longer use the mail to sign in to these accounts because Yahoo still powers it 

  • URL for yahoo account login

If there is at the end of your email address, you should access it using yahoo mail. The main page for yahoo login can be found at

the passwords of both services are unaffected by the decoupling of companies. Your password is the same until you change it.

Why can’t I log in to email through yahoo login

Yahoo and AT&T are no longer together, and AT&T’s mail service and web portal service, both are running by Verizon. The website re-directing users to

Because of this uncoupling of these two companies, there is two different mail account( yahoo email and AT&T email). Now the all legacy domains of AT&T such as,,,,, can log in to the AT&T mail page.


In case if all of the above-stated troubleshooting steps do not work, reach out to the email experts of AT&T corporation so they can further assist.

Ameritech is a telecommunication company in Chicago, Illinois, United States, founded in 1984. Our company has 15.58M Internet subscribers. Our revenue is $181.2 B. We offer a high-speed network, premium video content, direct to consumers relationship (D2C), and an advertising technology platform through our subsidiaries.

We produce, develop, and distribute television, games, feature films. We also provide wireline and wireless telecom and broadband services.

AT&T is now separated from Yahoo and given its web portal and mail services to Verizon, which is also owned by Yahoo. Because decoupling both companies’ mail accounts is now different, they will sign in using their legacy domains. The link for AT&T sing in is 

Information Source: Ameritech.Net Email

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