Norton Antivirus Login

How to create a Norton account? 

Creating a Norton antivirus account on the website of the software is a very simple task. You need to follow some easy steps to create your account in the official site of Norton to secure your device from viruses. Given below is a list of certain elementary steps which you need to follow to create your own Norton account with success. 

● First, you need to open your browser 

● After opening your browser, you need to enter the URL given below within the address bar. 

The URL – 

● Then you need to click the option which says “Create a new account”

● After that, enter the e-mail address that is usually being used by you. Once you sign in to your own Norton antivirus account you are supposed to mention your e-mail address 

● Enter your e-mail address again in the Confirm e-mail address box

● Carefully fill up all the respective fields which are required to be filled up to create an account in the website of Norton antivirus software 

● In the next step, enter a strong password of your own choice in the Password box. Try to be immensely careful while selecting the password. Passwords are generally case-sensitive. It would be ideal if your password is between 6 and 50 characters in length 

● Enter your first name and last name in the box which is being designated for mentioning the first and the last name of the user who is in the process of making his or her account in Norton antivirus software’s website 

● For securing your Norton account with two-factor authentication select your country code and your cell phone number 

● Choose your own country or region in the Region drop-down enumeration given over there 

● After that, select Create Account to create your account on the website of Norton antivirus 

By following these above mentioned simple steps and with a few clicks, the process of creating your account in the website of Norton antivirus software would be successfully and easily completed.

Steps To Login Norton Antivirus Account Manually

Norton antivirus account login manually is a very easy and simple task. Observe these uncomplicated steps in Norton antivirus login screen to swiftly log in to your own Norton antivirus account manually. The steps are will guide you in Norton login- 

● Enter the link of the website which is mentioned below in the address bar. Link of the website –

● Do undergo a cross-check to ensure that the given link of Norton antivirus login page matches with what you intend to go, i.e, logging in to your Norton antivirus login to an account manually. 

● Click the option which redirects you to sign in in Norton antivirus login screen

● To log in to Norton antivirus account mention your e-mail id which you have registered with your Norton antivirus account 

● Carefully mention the accurate password of your account in the website of Norton antivirus login page 

● While doing log in to Norton antivirus account if you are being comfortable with the device which you have used to log in to your Norton antivirus account and have no trust issues with that device regarding the safety of your Norton antivirus login to an account click the option which says “Remember me on this device”. Otherwise, if you are accessing your Norton 360 antivirus login account from a cybercafe or from any device or Norton mobile antivirus login about which you are having a dilemma about the safety of your account in the website of Norton antivirus, do not ever click the option which says “Remember me on this device” 

● Select the “Sign in” option which would redirect you to sign in to your account in the website of Norton 360 antivirus login 

Following these simple steps would guarantee hassle-free Norton antivirus login in Norton antivirus website and guide you through Norton login. 

How do I access my Norton Account? 

To smoothly access your account in Norton antivirus’s website, you need to have a proper internet connection. To access your Norton account enter the e-mail which you have chosen to be associated with your Norton account and the appropriate password of your account in the website of login to Norton antivirus account. If you have undergone the facility of two-factor authentication which you were trying to establish in the website of Norton antivirus software, to access your own Norton account you are advised to use the verification code along with the password of your Norton account. 

Why can’t I log into Norton? 

You might face difficulty while Norton login. There can be a lot of camouflaged reasons behind your difficulty in logging in to your account in the website of Norton antivirus login to an account. The reasons behind problematic Norton login have been itemized below: 

● You are not having a proper and strong internet connection or the connection you are using is disturbed in the process of Norton antivirus login to an account.

● There might be any problem with the device you are using which is prohibiting you to log in to your account in the website of Norton antivirus software 

● The e-mail address you have mentioned while logging in does not match with the e-mail address which is associated with your Norton login account 

● You have entered the wrong password 

What is my Norton? 

My Norton authorizes you to download and set up the protection of your device after you sign in. You can also use the Partner Code if you possess one. 

Access to all devices- It helps you to protect more devices with your subscription. Norton makes it easy for you to use Norton antivirus security from PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets 

Manages your digital life- It aids you to manage your digital life from any place in any of your favourable time. You can sign in to Norton mobile antivirus login to manage your subscription, update your profile or renew your protection 

Tracking of devices- My Norton assists you to track your device if it gets stolen. You can use it to remotely lock it, sound an audible alarm, take a snap while the device is activated or erase all your important and vulnerable personal information in your device 

Troubleshooting Guide For Norton Login not Working 

Quite a few times, Norton antivirus account login may not respond suitably. The troubleshooting steps if Norton login is not working properly 

All you need to discover a way to fix it in place. Restart your computer and if things are not in place then check for your internet connection. Sometimes, a poor connection may interrupt your activity. Along with your computer, restart your router too. Wait for a couple of minutes, Your Norton antivirus login issue will be resolved anytime soon.

Information Source: Norton Antivirus Login Help & Support
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