How Long Does Arlo Battery Last

Arlo security cameras are the requisites of today’s times when safeguarding one’s privacy is essential. With wonderful wireless home security technology, the Arlo camera has satiated all the expectations from a good security camera. It comes with several features that make it stand out from all others. 

They are:

  • HD camera:- The Arlo security camera is equipped with a high definition camera to take the perfect shots and record. 
  • Weather-resistant:- As security cameras are installed outside the houses, there is a chance of them getting damaged. But, the Arlo home security camera is free from all such issues and is weather resistant. 
  • Good battery backup:- The Arlo camera battery gives a commendable backup and lasts a long time. 
  • Night vision:- The Arlo security camera has a unique night vision that will record everything perfectly at night time also. 
  • Motion detection:- The camera can detect motion and can record the movement easily. 
  • Arlo apps:- There are Arlo apps that are used to see and store the Arlo security camera recordings. 

How Long does an Arlo Camera battery Last?

The Arlo home security camera battery lasts up to 3 to 6 months from the camera installation time on average. The battery of this home security camera can be recharged after it has been discharged. The Arlo camera battery compatibility needs to be fulfilled for the proper charging of the battery. There are several rechargeable batteries available for Arlo cameras specially made for them to refurbish the discharged batteries and bring the camera into use again. A few non-rechargeable batteries also work well for Arlo cameras. 

What Kind of Batteries Does My Arlo Security Camera Use?

As there are several Arlo camera batteries available in the markets, a few are best suited for the cameras. Problems like the Arlo camera not working after battery change may arise due to non-compatible batteries. This is the reason why taking care of the Arlo camera battery compatibility is important. As batteries are the central unit of these cameras, if they are not working properly, the camera will not do its job and will be of no use. 

What is the Best Battery for Arlo Wireless Camera?

As mentioned earlier, there are several batteries, both rechargeable, and non-rechargeable available in the market for use. There are certain that are best suited to Arlo cameras. The best rechargeable battery for Arlo camera is Tenergy Li-Ion RCR123A 3.7V 650mAh. This is available for people to buy on several online as well as offline stores. Anyone who uses the Arlo camera and is facing a problem of the Arlo camera battery not charging must try these and get the solution for their problem. 

Why do My Arlo Camera Batteries Die so Fast?

The Arlo camera battery is very useful for the proper functioning of the Arlo security camera. If the battery is not working properly, it will cause a problem in the camera’s working. There might be several reasons why the Arlo camera battery is not working properly and is draining very fast. 

A few reasons can be:

  • Disturbed Wi-Fi connection: If the Wi-Fi connection is not good, and the camera is having difficulty connecting and communicating with the base station, the battery tends to die faster than normal. As the average usage of the system increases, the battery life reduces. 
  • Poor signal reports: If the signal quality is reported to be very poor by the camera, the battery drains faster. It is important for the signal strength to be strong and to work properly to sustain the battery. 
  • Several features cause draining: Features like LCD screen or automatic flash require more power consumption, leading to the battery draining faster than normal. 
  • Charger not suitable: The Arlo camera battery charger needs to be suitable for the battery. If it is not the perfect one, the battery will drain faster and not get charged. 

These can be a few reasons why the Arlo camera battery’s life is no more, and the battery is draining too fast. 

How to Increase Arlo Camera Battery’s Life Strength?

There are a few instructions and tips that can be used to increase Arlo cameras’ battery life. 

They are:

  • Install the latest firmware: The usage of the latest firmware will help in good battery performance. 
  • Use correct power settings: The power setting used in the camera set-up needs to be correct. 
  • Get shorter videos recorded: Edit the configuration of the cameras and ensure that only short videos are recorded. 
  • Correct position: Ensure that your Arlo camera is kept not more than 90 meters apart from the base station. 
  • Check for good signal strength: The Wi-Fi signal strength needs to be good to ensure the proper working of the camera. 
  • Do not use several Wi-Fi routers: Using multiple routers will create a problem for the camera to connect to one signal and work efficiently. 
  • Try to use more rechargeable batteries: The rechargeable batteries that come along with the Arlo home security camera box are the best suited. Try to use them by recharging them with the Arlo camera battery charger. 

These are a few steps that can be taken if the Arlo camera is not working after the battery change. Using these tips will help you sustain the battery of your Arlo cameras. 

How often Do Arlo Batteries Need to be Recharged?

The Arlo camera whenever gets drained and the camera stops working. It needs to be recharged. If there is any problem like the Arlo camera battery not charging, then the battery needs to be changed or replaced. The battery performance depends on several factors, and environmental conditions are also included in the same. 

The Arlo batteries need to be recharged every 3-4 months of the battery being used and exhausted. This can be done through the Arlo camera battery charger, and the batteries can be reused. 

Therefore, the above article summarises all points regarding How Long Does Arlo Battery Last covers & Arlo home security cameras work on wireless networks and batteries. It is very important to keep both these things perfect to experience the best performance delivered by these home security cameras. 

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