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Brother printer is one of the best and the most common options used in home offices and works as well. The printer comes with all the installation process which is needed for your computer. Here are a few steps up guidance that you may want to know.

The Right way for Setting Up Brother Printer on a Wireless Network

In case you are a first time user and wondering what is the right way to set up the Brother machine on a wireless network, well then the good news is there is no hard and fast rule. But there is a systematic process that you need to follow. This includes

Things to do before setting your Brother machine

You need to first look for the wireless network setting of the router or the access point. You need to ensure and write the current network of wireless settings as you shall need this information later. This includes

  • Network Name
  • SSID
  • Network Key which is password

To look for the above requirements, you need to see it at the base or on the wireless router side. There are also the documents that you must have got with the router or the access point. You will not get this data from your brother. Instead, you need to contact the internet service provider for the same. Once you get the details, you then have to follow the below steps:

Look for the wireless security information that is available for the windows

Once all the data is with you, then you need to understand whether your wireless router or access point makes use of the WEP encryption with different WEP keys. You then have to mention and make use of the first WEP key.

It is now time to setup the brother printer. For this, once you have the wireless settings for the network of your router located, you can setup using:

  • Power to be connected with your Brother Printer
  • Make sure it is then connected to an electrical socket
  • You then have to turn your Printer of Brother ON

On the control panel of the machine, you can see the menu button, press on it, and then select the arrow key of up or down to choose the network and then press OK. In case there is WLAN, you have to do the same. This way your wizard will start.

  • Now it is time for the machine to look for the network. It will show certain network names that are available
  • Now once the list appears then you have to press either down or the up arrow ley and choose the SSID which you had written earlier and then select OK.
  • In case there is an authentication way is needed you will need the password, simply enter the network key and select ok. The settings will take that.
  • But if the authentication method is Open System and there is no encryption mode then
  • Your machine will try connecting to the wireless network that you chose earlier
  • If your brother’s machine has successfully connected, there will be a display on the machine’s LCD stating it is connected.

How to Connect Brother Printer to WiFi Without CD?

The best way on connecting brother printer to Wi-Fi when there is no cd— Many of today’s sleek computer models don’t have a CD-ROM drive at all. You can install the Brother Printer driver through online methods when you don’t have the CD-ROM.

These days there are so many computer models that don’t have the CD-ROM drive at all. Whether you are planning to install the existing printer on your new PC but don’t have the CD ROM, it is okay. You can now do the installation using different ways.

Steps to Connect brother printer to Wi-Fi without cd

To have the driver installed includes a lot of processes. Some printers also work on the wireless network. But you need to go through the configuration process which can help in regular functioning.

  • You need to collect first all the details of the network information
  • Usually, the network name is considered to be SSID
  • There will also be a password that is also called the encryption key
  • You will also require a USB cable for processing the installation further
  • You then have to connect the Brother printer to plug in but make sure you don’t connect the cable of USB yet.
  • You have to turn your computer on and open the driver of the printer network
  • There will be a configure option that you need to select that states the “Brother Peer-to-Peer Network.”
  • Make sure you then get your USB cable and connect it to the printer and the computer
  • There will few changes that need to be done such as the firewall settings changes.
  • Make the adjustments to your antivirus software
  • The changes are usually given for the printer access to your network
  • Make sure you choose the set-up of wireless. This way your printer will work over the network instead of the USB hard drive
  • The setup of the driver will then recognize the network
  • Choose it and then unplug the UYSB and do the necessary testing.

How to Connect Brother Printer to WiFi MAC

Process of Connecting the Wi-Fi MAC with brother printer – First, you need to find the section of Print & Fax and then there will be your Brother machine appearing as the printer for which you must go through few steps.

  • You first have to switch off and unplug your Brother machine from the power.
  • If the cable is connected you need to unplug that as well.
  • Now you need to select whether you want to go for the Wireless Network or other option.
  • In case you go for the wireless network then you need to further follow the setup process and also take the reference of Quick Setup Guide.
  • In the Apple menu, click and choose the system preference
  • Then you shall see the menu of apple appearing
  • Click on the section either be of Printers & Scanners, Print & Fax, or Print & Scan option
  • And then choose on + button Menu
  • There will be a default button appearing, click on it and select your machine from the name list of the printer
Reference:-  Setup Brother Printer on WiFi
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