Recall an Email in Outlook

Several times while drafting an email, untimely send clicks can lead to an awkward situation. Usually, recipients ignore minor typing mistakes. But you should avoid errors like the incorrect spelling of the recipient, not adding the attachment you mentioned, missed to BCC someone.

Is it possible to recall an email?

We use ancient outdated technology to send emails. Unlike modern messaging apps it is not easy to recall an email once it is sent from a core email technology. However, there are some popular email service providers like Outlook which enables their users to recall email in outlook.

How To Recall an Email in Outlook 2020?

Things work a little differently for Outlook as compared to Gmail. Gmail lets its users undo an email only for a short period. While in Outlook you can recall your email as long as your recipient has not opened it. You can either update your email by rewriting it or erase your email from the recipients’ inbox.

  1. Open the recall email outlook 365 app on your desktop.
  2. Enter your email account and click on the Sent Mail folder.
  3. You will get a list of all emails you have sent using Outlook.
  4. On the right-hand side select the mail you wish to recall.
  5. Now click on the Message tab, click on the Actions > Recall This Message.
  6. If you want to recall your email > Delete unread copies of this message.
  7. If you want to recall and update your email > Delete unread copies and replace them with a new message.

Sometimes your recall request may fail. Check on Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient option to get the notification.

What is Shown to Recipients When You Recall an Email in Outlook?

When you recall an email generally 3 scenarios can take place depending on your situation.

  1. The email will be erased from the recipient’s inbox if they haven’t opened your original email. Outlook will send them a notification that the sender has requested to delete the email.
  2. Sometimes your recipient may have already read the email. In such scenarios, they will be able to get a copy of both the original email and the updated email.
  3. And if your recipient has noticed your updated email first, then your old email will be erased from their inbox. Outlook will inform that the sender of the email has requested to delete the original email.

Criteria to Recall an Email in Outlook 365

There are some conditions that you must fulfill while using the recall email outlook web.

  1. Both the sender and the recipient must have Microsoft Outlook 365 or Microsoft Exchange email accounts.
  2. Your original email must be intact and untouched by your recipient.
  3. Both of them should be associated with the same organization.
  4. Your administrator must have enabled this feature for your organization.
  5. No filters or rules must be applied in the recipient’s Outlook.
  6. Outlook must be opened on your receiver’s desktop when you recall your email.

Recall Email Outlook app iPhone

  • Microsoft Outlook runs two different programs.
  • Firstly you can use a recall email outlook mobile app to gather and manage your email.
  • Secondly, recall email outlook web is an email service similar to Gmail.
  • You can run both these programs on your iPhone.
  • To enable Outlook messages automatically on your iPhone, click Settings on your device.
  • Check “Mail, Messages and Calendars” > “Add Account.”
  • Now you can add either your new Hotmail account which enables you to open your email or set up your Microsoft Exchange email account.
  • Now simply enter your username and passwords, follow the steps to connect the accounts.
  • Usually, your Microsoft Exchange email account will locate automatically.
  • However, if it fails you need to find the server information manually.
  • You can also use the recall email outlook web feature to access your emails.
  • If you are facing some issues while accessing it on Safari, use alternative browsing apps from the App store.

Recall Email Outlook for MAC

Apple iCloud contact (CardDAV) and calendar (CalDAV) synchronization are not available on Outlook for Mac. However, it does support Apple iCloud Mail. Follow the steps to setup Microsoft Outlook with your Apple iCloud email account:

  • Launch Outlook on your Mac.
  • Click on Tools menu > Accounts.
  • In the lower-left corner, click the plus (+) sign.
  • Tap on Other Email and add your Email address with Password.
  • Add Account

In Incoming Server box use one of the following structure:

  • (for email addresses)
  • (for email addresses)
  • (for email addresses)
  • It is recommended to use SSL under the Outgoing Server box.
  • Click on Override default port.
  • In the Outgoing server port, enter 587 and the process is completed.

If you have correctly followed the steps and entered the server information, Outlook will start receiving your emails on Mac.

Hope you found wonderful information on this article regarding outlook formal issue i.e. How to Use Recall Email Outlook Feature in 2020 useful and instructive.

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