To use the laptops and other gadgets freely one technology plays a great role, that is Anti-viruses. There are numerous types of antivirus out in the market, but finding the best and cheapest is a big issue. Here, our team recommends you the best, affordable, and very much reliable Anti-virus, which is the FixMeStick antivirus. Fixmestick antivirus is launched by a company in Canada, having headquarters in  Montreal, Quebec. 

In today’s article, we will explain everything about FixMeStick and why you should have this antivirus for your gadgets. 

Here, you would get to know-

  • What is FixMeStick?
  • Where to buy FixMeStick?
  • How to login FixMeStick?
  • How do you get to know if FixMeStick is running?
  • How to use FixMeStick in windows computers?
  • Which port should you insert FixMeStick in the computer?
  • Conclusion.

Read the complete article to get complete information about FixMeStick. 

What is FixMeStick StartMeStick?

As explained above, FixMeStick is an anti-virus device. This is basically launched by a Canadian company in 2011. The one thing any laptop or computer user does not want at all is the virus in their gadgets. Viruses can not only slow down your computer but they can take over your device and can get your personal data. Then comes the role of FixMeStick. The best and key feature of FixMeStick is that it doesn’t run on your hard drive, rather it is a USB device that has its own system and runs independently. In fact, FixMeStick combines some different antivirus engines like McAfee, sofas, etc. though, FixMeStick takes a little longer to scan the computer or laptop, but it’s good as it means the laptop is scanned thoroughly. Moreover, this virus removal device supports most platforms like iOS and Windows 10. 

FixMeStick  As far the most safest and reliable antivirus device for any type of gadget. The device is best to detect and completely remove the virus from your device.

Where to Buy FixMeStick?

Getting a FixMeStick is not very difficult. In case you are a Canadian or American, the device is easily available in the electronic store like WALMART. But, for different country citizens like India, Pakistan, Nepal, etc the online source is the option. 

The best online source to buy FixMeStick is via amazon online India. Depending upon the demands, via amazon, you might get a decent discount also. 

How to Login to FixMeStick StartMeStick?

The process to login and get started with the FixMeStick is pretty easy. Anyone can easily do this by themselves following simple steps. The steps given down can be used to FixMeStick whether you are scanning for the first time or not. 

Follow the below-given steps to get started with your FixMeStick.

In case, you already have FixMeStick portal and account-

The first step- navigate to the official login website of FixMeStick that is,

The second step- provide your email id and already enrolled password in the required fields. 

The third step- click the “login” option to get started. 

If you have forgotten the password, click on the option “forgot your password”. Within a second or two, you will get a new password notification in your previously provided mobile number or email id. 

Login to FixMeStick for first time user

For the first time user, the process is quite lengthy but not at all difficult. 

  • First of all, plug the FixMeStick into any USB port of your computer, prefer using the USB port type C for quick work. 
  • The second step- open the file manager of your laptop or computer. You may open the file manager via 3 different way- 
  1. Click on the file explorer icon on your desktop or below on the taskbar. 
  2. Or you can type the “file explore” into the search bar present on the bottom of the screen.
  3. Finally, you can click the Windows logo on the bottom left and then, select the “file explore” option.
  • After that, in the file explorer you could see an option for my computer.
  • Click the “my computer option” and you will find the FixMeStick option under the Devices and drives section. 
  • Click on the FixMeStick option, you will see the last option of “FixMeStick “ in this interface, double click to this option. ( the language folders also seen there, they are just the guidelines of FixMeStick ).
  • Further, a screen will appear asking you to allow the FixMeStick to do changes to your computer. Click the yes icon mentioned there to allow them. 
  • The fixmestick program will appear on the screen, first, it will check the updates and then restart the computer. Click on the option “reboot and start FixMeStick”.  This step will take a little longer to reboot. 
  • Then, connect your laptop to the internet and the registration option will appear on the screen.
  • Provide your email id, first name, last name in the respective fields and press ok.

Done, you have now completed the process to log in the FixMeStick. 

How to know whether your FixMeStick is running or not?

After plugging the FixMeStick device in the USB port, and opening the fixmestick in the file explorer folder, you will get the pop-up to “reboot and start fixmestick”.

While scanning and finding the virus in your laptop, the screen gets blackout for a while, and then a logo of fixmestick with men appears on the screen. The aforementioned logo remains till the time the fixmestick device is working. 

This is the sign that the fixmestick device is scanning your gadget.

How to Use FixMeStick|StartMeStick on Windows Computers?

The steps to function FixMeStick in any Windows are somewhat similar. Regardless of which windows you are using, you can follow the below-given steps to scan your laptop or PC and get rid of any virus. 

Step 1- plug the FixMeStick device.

Step 2- navigate to the “file explore” option via the windows logo given at the left bottom of the screen.

Step 3- click the “file explore” option and a new interface will open.

Step 4- search for the “This PC” option or “my computer” option. Click on either of the given and you will see the “FixMeStick “ option under the Devices and drives section.

Step 5- under the FixMeStick  USB D section, the last option would be “fixmestick”, click this option.

Step 6- clock “yes” to the message came from user account control, ask to allow the fixmestick to make changes in your computer.

Step 7- let it update your device and then the “user license agreement” will appear. Tick mark the check box and click the “accept” option. 

Step 8- the laptop will reboot and the fixmestick’s logo will appear. After that, the scan screen will appear. This scan might take several hours. 

Step 9- once the scan is completed, the list of infections will appear. Click on the “clean computer” option to remove any kind of virus or malware from your device. 

Step 10- after completing the process, a notification will appear to exit the FixMeStick and restart the device. 

Step 11- remove the FixMeStick from the USB port and restart the device. 

Complete, just follow these simple steps to scan your device and remove any kind of virus or malware.

Which Port Should you Insert the FixMeStick in the Computer?

The FixMeStick device is a USB device, hence should be inserted in the USB port only. To get fast and quick results using FixMeStick device, plug the device in USB port type “C”. the USB port type C is fast as compared to others, therefore might fasten the process of laptop scanning. 

Take away-

The FixMeStick device is a USB device, used for virus removal. Not only removes the virus but also removes the trash from your laptop and works as an antivirus. The process of scanning the device is pretty simple and easy. The FixMeStick device can be plugged in any of the USB ports but most preferable would be the USB port type C for fast results. The most important point to note is that the fixmestick device does not work on your hard drive, rather it works on its independent system, which is the plus point. 

FixMeStick device could be the most affordable and reliable antivirus and virus removal USB device. 

The steps to log in to the fixmestick device and get started with it are already mentioned in the above-given article. Read the complete article and get a highly trusted virus removal device to protect your device from any kind of virus attack. 

I hope this article helped you to understand everything about the FixMeStick USB device. 


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