Outlook Not Receiving Emails Automatically
The outlook is an email client made by Microsoft, which is available in the Microsoft Office suite. It can be used as a personal information manager such as task managing, calendaring as well as contact managing. The Outlook is such a tool that any email can be opened through Microsoft Outlook and for that configuration is needed. Let us discuss in this article why my outlook is not receiving emails automatically.

How Do I Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails?

When outlook is not receiving emails, then a step-by-step process should be followed. Outlook has a feature of spam filtering options that automatically detects spam and suspicious emails and sends them to the spam folder. So, frequently check the junk mail and clean it. Then sort settings and inbox filter checking is a must. Outlook offline Mode must be disabled. If the sender is in the Block list, correct it and check the safe sender lists. Follow the Outlook Rules and clear Outlook Cache frequently. If still outlook is not receiving emails, then make a new Outlook Profile.

Even sometimes you can’t send as well as receive email because if the unusual sign-in activity is noticed by OUTLOOK, the account may temporarily be blocked. Moreover, you can only connect a maximum of 20 accounts with your Outlook. So if it connects more than 20 accounts, then remove other accounts to receive emails once again and make it 20 or less.

How Do I Get Outlook To Automatically Receive Emails?

First of all, Outlook does not send and receive messages automatically because there may be a damaged Send/Receive group in Outlook. Before performing this task, the version of your Outlook like 2007 or earlier or 2010 and later should be in your mind

If your Outlook Version is 2007 and earlier then follow these steps:

  • Go to the TOOL menu, then select the Send/Receive Settings, after that select Define Send/Receive Groups.
  • Under the Group Name, select group, and after that select Copy.
  • Come to Send/Receive Group name, create new Group Name, and select Ok
  • Select Old Group name under the GROUP NAME
  • When Outlook is Online and When Outlook is Offline, clear the check box for both Include this group in Send/Receive (F9).
  • Quit from your Outlook, and restart your Outlook again.

But if your Outlook Version is 2010 and later, settings will change and perform as directed:

  • Come to FILE and select OPTIONS
  • Select  Advanced tab
  • In the Find Send and Receive menu, select Send/Receive.
  • Under the  Group Name, select group, and select Copy.
  • Under Send/Receive Group Name, create the new group name, and select OK.
  • Under the  GROUP NAME Select Old Group name
  • When Outlook is Online and When Outlook is Offline, clear the check box for both Include this group in Send/Receive (F9).
  • Quit from your Outlook, and restart your Outlook again.

Reasons Behind Outlook Not Receiving Emails

  • There are few reasons for not receiving emails in outlook like poor internet connectivity or the account exceeding its quota. So, if you are working Offline and are disconnected, check the internet connection. The outlook may set to work offline. To become online, select Send/Receive, then Preferences and then Work offline.
  • The most common reason for not receiving emails in outlook is exceeding its quota. For resolving these issues, increase the disk space amount to receive mail or delete emails until it falls below the quota.
  • Another reason behind outlook not receiving emails is that Outlook has a spam filtering mechanism that sends emails to the JUNK folder or suspicious emails to spam folders.
  • Sorting Options is another way which sometimes doesn’t show recent email at the top though it is receiving emails in Outlook.
  • Sometimes by mistake, the sender may be on the block list so that emails from them are rejected automatically, and outlook not receiving emails from the block list.
  • Be careful about the Rules in Outlook which lets outlook automatically send emails to other folders or emails may disappear from the inbox.
  • To improve performance, Outlook saves cache files and due to that reason also outlook not receiving emails, so deleting Outlook cache is a way to receive new emails. There also may be a reason with your outlook profile that may be corrupted and outlook not receiving emails, so create a new profile by discarding the old one.

Why Is My Outlook Email Not Updating Automatically?

There are many reasons Outlook email does not update automatically like offline and online conflict, PST file corruption, inbox refresh rate may be slow or you may disable the auto-update features. Cached Exchange Mode is a feature in outlook which by default turned on which enables your work even if you are offline. If a mismatch is there with MS Outlook and online webmail, which in turn outlook not receiving emails but can send. Clearing these offline files may resolve the problems. Delete frequently the ” .OST” file which keeps cache and storage of messages and events may resolve the problems. When there are problems with syncing the emails, you need to repair your account.

Why Outlook Suddenly Not Receiving Emails?

When exceeding quota Outlook not receiving emails but can send, so either increase the disk space or delete emails until it becomes below the quota. Sometimes due to firewall settings incoming mail goes to the spam folder, it seems that outlook not receiving emails and the email account must be synced with outlook to receive emails. Correct the POP or IMAP server settings. Always check the internet connection when outlook not receiving emails. Sometimes your Outlook profile gets corrupted and better to new profile for outlook. Change the inbox filter when outlook 365 not receiving emails. And always check how it can be sorted to receive emails. Many times Antivirus plug-in creates a problem, so you should follow the Antivirus manufacturer’s guideline to sync with the Antivirus and outlook email clients.

Why Are My Emails Not Showing In My Outlook Inbox?

Many times outlook users complain that outlook 365 is not receiving emails in their inbox due to some technical issue or problems with their settings. People often confuse unsynced emails and missing emails. Those are the unsynced emails that are not yet updated with the outlook account due to poor internet connection or server instability but when the connectivity is established it will be synced sooner or later. Missing emails are those which you are not receiving anymore due to many reasons.

As outlook has a spam filtering mechanism, it detects spam or suspicious mail and sends it to the spam folder or junk folder, so mail not showing in the inbox or the firewall settings can block the emails or the emails restricted due to block items, so frequently check the junk folder or the block settings and firewall settings. Due to corrupted profile outlook not receiving emails happen. Then create a new profile for that to get emails in the inbox.

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