the qualities of an exceptional yoga teacher training

Learning yoga is not just for the young and athletic it is the best natural way for you to stay fit no matter your age, profession, or level of yoga experience. You don’t need a teacher with only the physical knowledge of this sacred art they should also know about the mental and spiritual aspects of this sacred art.

If you are planning a trip to a Yoga Retreat Rishikesh it is natural you would expect to learn from a yoga teacher who helps you dive deeper into the yogic lifestyle. The role of a yoga teacher is not just to help you practice yoga asanas they should be able to assist you in adapting to this new lifestyle by understanding yoga philosophy.

With that said, the best yoga school in Rishikesh has come up with a list of qualities a qualified and experienced yoga teacher should possess.

4 Qualities A Yoga Teacher Must Possess

Apart from having a Yoga Alliance Certification to back their claim of being the best at yoga, the yoga teacher should possess the 4 qualities mentioned below.

1. Helps Students Be Expressive

Besides helping you practice numerous yoga asanas a yoga teacher must encourage you to be expressive. A great yoga teacher knows that yoga is not just physical mastery of asanas it is an opportunity to help you discover what works best for your body and mind.

In other words, apart from helping you lay down a solid foundation as a yoga practitioner, the yoga teacher must encourage you to choose a yoga style that works best for you. They should also help you practice the same yoga pose with a variation.

You should look for the best Yoga Retreat Rishikesh to learn yoga under the guidance of teachers who believe that yoga goes beyond physical practice.

2. Empowers Students

The best yoga teachers help you not just enjoy yoga during the practice but even when you are not in the class. They know yoga is a powerful tool to drastically change your life for the better. Yoga is not just a workout it is a great way to bring your positive thoughts into action along and developing compassion for others.

3. Engages The Class

A great yoga teacher helps you in building a strong relationship with yoga and the yoga community. They not only help you form a connection with other students during the class but also discover your true self.

A yoga teacher should have the ability to read your emotions and teach yoga that helps you accept those feelings with an open mind. You should always look for a yoga teacher who has earned the Yoga Alliance certification to learn not just the physical but also the spiritual aspects of yoga.

4. Possesses Considerable Yoga Experience

An important quality that every yoga teacher should possess is considerable experience in yoga. This experience includes their personal practice as well as time spent guiding others. Moreover, a qualified yoga teacher possesses complete knowledge of yoga physiology as well as its history and origins

They are always open to learn new things about yoga and inculcate it into their lives before teaching the same to others.


Learning yoga gives you an opportunity to learn more about your mind, body, and spirit. The theoretical and practical knowledge of this ancient art helps you unlock true potential. You should enroll in a yoga retreat Rishikesh to reap all benefits of yoga under the guidance of a great yoga teacher.

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