Why is Outlook App Not Working on Android Phone?

With the technology advanced to a great extent now, you can use outlook through App as well. Yes! That is right, Microsoft Outlook has been designed for Android users. Android is the finest platform to stay connected with all your important email accounts be it Gmail, Outlook, or Microsoft 365. Other than this, you can also manage the calendars using a single experience.

Although the outlook app doesn’t show any errors since it is a part of technology, you may experience some problems. Talking of which, you don’t have to be paranoid if you see the app not working on the Android phone. It could be due to bad internet connectivity, or your mobile is now not meeting the new requirements of the app up-gradation. There are also chances that the storage space is not full which is why you may not be able to use the outlook app well.

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Steps to Fix Outlook App Not Working Android Phone Issue

In case, you have been using Android for the outlook app, you may want to get rid of the error of not working using the steps shared below:

  • First, go to the setting section.
  • Once you open it, you will see the section called device. Under device, you need to tab on the apps
  • Now in the apps section, comes the outlook on which you need to tab
  • Now again go in the Android app settings
  • And then choose the storage section.
  • Once you clear the data and cache by tapping its respective button, you will be then able to get your app working on your android phone again.

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However, there are situations that even after you try the above steps, but the outlook app still shows some problem. Basically, with the above steps, the app will only reset to the default settings which were initially when you had installed it newly on the phone. But this time, you need to sign in to your email account and sync the notification one more time. This way you will have the smooth working app all over again.

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